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Let us deliver to your next party, gathering or sporting event. You will have a ball!! (or 2 or 3) !!

Buy the balls at $3 each...order by the dozen and get it for $30 !!!

and don't forget your sides of Gravies and Sauces!!
There's one for every ball you eat !!
Side sauces and gravies $1 each!!
Apple Sauce, Asian Dipping Sauce, Brown Gravy, Marinara Sauce

We only use canola or olive oil for cooking
Only the freshest ingredients used and made to order
So please give ample time for large orders

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Super Ball

MAMALOU'S FAMOUS MEAT BALL - Fresh ground pork & beef; baked to perfection with fresh garlic, eggs, grated Pecorino Romano cheese & Italian seasonings "you have got to surround them with our famous marinara sauce," just like Grandma used to make! so so good!!


WHITE RICE BALL - Part-skim Ricotta, Mozzerella cheese, diced large seasoned grilled shrimp and diced steamed broccoli!! rolled in egg and whole wheat panko bread crumbs, lightly fried. ooh laa laa!!

Cue Ball

WHITE RICE BALL WITH PART-SKIM MOZZERELLA - Part-skim Mozzerella cheese, part-skim ricotta cheese and Italian seasonings, rolled in eggs, then seasoned bread crumbs and fried to perfection! (Try a little marinara sauce on the side.) wow!!

Jive Ball

FRESH GROUND TURKEY BALL - Made with fresh ground garlic; seasoned with bread crumbs, grated Pecorino Romano cheese, egg, and baked to golden brown! Try it with my savory brown gravy! Delish!!

Eight Ball

MAMALOU'S FAMOUS EIGHT BALL - Just like the Cue Ball, but this one has MAMALOU'S meatball chopmeat and peas in the center. now that's what I'm talking about!!

Volley Ball

OUR VEGGIE BALL - Made with brown rice, part-skim ricotta cheese, chopped spinach, diced fresh onion and garlic and diced peas and carrots. ooooh baby!!

San Juan

SPANISH YELLOW RICE & SMALL RED KIDNEY BEANS - Made with freshly diced onion and garlic. muy delicioso!!



Papa Joe

FRESHLY MADE MASHED POTATO WITH MAMALOU'S MEATBALL CHOPMEAT IN CENTER - The mashed potatos used in this ball are made with lightly salted butter and cream cheese rolled in seasoned whole grain bread crumbs. Papa Joe would say..."it's so good, it's terrible!!

Kings Highway

FRESHLY MADE HUMMUS QUICKLY DEEP FRIED - our Hummus is made with freshly ground chick peas, fresh garlic, lemon juice, dash of sea salt, ground black pepper, sauteed and pureed then rolled in whole grain Panko bread crumbs. awesome!!


FRIED RICE WITH ROAST PORK - Made with diced fresh green peppers, onions and part-skim ricotta cheese. yum yum!!

Disco Ball

WHITE RICE, AVOCADO, DICED ONION & FRESH CRABMEAT that's the way (uhuh, uhuh) I like it!!